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Residential Roof Replacement in West Lafayette
Our homeowner's roof had reached it's life's limit and he was in need of a new roof. Our skilled team of experts arrived promptly to inspect the property, pinpointing all...
Decking Replacement Roof Repair in West Lafayette, Indiana
This project consisted of the removal and replacement of damaged decking. Often times the decking below your shingles can become damaged due to moisture. When installing a...
Roof Leak Repair West Lafayette Indiana
Homeowner was experiencing a leak near their chimney. Tired of the frustration every time the weather turned sour, they reached out to the professionals at Bone Dry for an...
Pipe Boot Repair West Lafayette, Indiana
This homeowner was experiencing a leak around one of their pipe boots. Our inspection identified that the boot itself was cracked and no longer performing its protective duty,...
Church Roof Replacement in West Lafayette Indiana
Bone Dry was asked to provide this church with an estimate to replace their aging roof. We were glad to supply them with an estimate! Our inspection identified that the roof...
Siding Repair West Lafayette Indiana
This homeowner in West Lafayette had a leak above his garage door where the siding and the brick meet, and was tired of breaking out the 5 gallon bucket every time a storm...
Chimney Flashing Repair in West Lafayette, Indiana
This homeowner in West Lafayette, Indiana had a leak due to failing flashing around the base of their chimney. Bone Dry diagnosed the problem and explained the situation...
Porch Rebuild West Lafayette, Indiana
The roof of the porch on this lovely home was leaking and the entire porch was in need of being rebuilt. Our team visited the property to inspect, and we identified that the...
Roof Valley Repair in West Lafayette, Indiana
The owners of this home were experiencing a leaky roof and weren't sure of the penetration point. Bone Dry was called out and diagnosed the issue, and that's just what...
Roof Repair in West Lafayette, Indiana
The owners of this home in West Lafayette Indiana had trouble with a leak in the valley of their roof. Bone Dry Roofing was called out t inspect the roof and diagnosed...
Valley Repair on West Lafayette Roof
The owner of this West Lafayette home was experiencing a water intrusion by his front door. Having worked with Bone Dry before, he knew he could count on us to come out and...
West Lafayette New Roof Installation
Roof needed to be replaced on home in West Lafayette, Indiana.
Chimney removal in West Lafayette
Chimney needed removed in West Lafayette Indiana
Sun Tunnel Installation in West Lafayette
Install a sun tunnel when installing new roof in West Lafayette Indiana
Siding Repair in Williamsport
A homeowner's siding was damaged on one side of this cute home in Williamsport by a storm.  Damaged siding could allow water into the walls of the house and do significant...
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