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Soffit and Fascia Repair in Frankfort

The soffit and fascia on this home in Frankfort Indiana had severe water damage. The owners called bone Dry out and they were given an estimate to repair and wrap the soffit and fascia. The owners asked Bone Dry to perform the work. They were very pleased with the quality of work done by Bone Dry and very happy to not have to worry about this water damage again!

Fascia Repair in Clarks Hill

The wind had damaged some of the fascia on this large home in Clarks Hill, Indiana. The owners called Bone Dry Roofing and they decided to have them replace the damaged and missing pieces of fascia. The pieces were replaced and you can not tell that they were ever missing. The homeowners were very pleased with the quality of work they received from Bone Dry!

Siding Repair in Lafayette

The siding on this home in Lafayette, Indiana had been damaged. A few pieces were missing and needed to be replaced. The owners were very pleased to find out that Bone Dry Roofing, who had done their roof for them in the past could also help with their siding issues. They called Bone Dry and in no time the home was good as new again!

Siding Repair in Lafayette

This home in Lafayette Indiana had experienced storm damage on their siding. The owner had started removing the old siding and then decided to have a contractor finish the work. He called Bone Dry Roofing and was very happy that he did! Bone Dry repaired the missing and damaged siding on his home. His home looks wonderful and the storm is only a distant memory for him now!

Siding Replacement in Lafayette

What a difference new siding can make to your home! These homeowners were very happy with the new appearance of their home! They chose Napco for their new siding and wanted a new look and got it! Their soffit and fascia were also wrapped in white and make a dramatic pop to the exterior!

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