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Before and After Pictures from West Lafayette
Lafayette Roof Installation

Lafayette Roof Installation

Before After
Lafayette Roof Installation Lafayette Roof Installation

The owners of this home in Lafayette, Indiana decided it was time for a new roof. They were not sure of the exact age of the existing roof but it was showing signs of age. They called several contractors to give them estimates and then decided that they would have Bone Dry Roofing install their new roof. They were impressed with the knowledge the sales representative from Bone Dry showed and liked the information he gave them explaining the entire roofing process. They chose Owens Corning Duration Colonial Slate for their new roof. They love the results!

Roof installed in West Lafayette

Roof installed in West Lafayette

Before After
Roof installed in West Lafayette Roof installed in West Lafayette

This lovely ranch style home in West Lafayette Indiana had a new roof installed by Bone Dry Roofing. The owners had chosen Owens Corning Duration Harbor Blue for their new shingles. It really makes a wonderful change to the appearance of their home! They could not be happier with the entire process and the communication was great - keeping them informed through out the new installation.

New Roof Replacement in Lafayette IN

New Roof Replacement in Lafayette IN

Before After
New Roof Replacement in Lafayette IN New Roof Replacement in Lafayette IN

Customer wanted no more repairs and was ready for a new roof. We installed Owens Corning Oakridge Estate Gray shingles. She won't have to worry about her roof any longer after our skilled experts applied a lasting solution!

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Reviews From West Lafayette
Testimonials From West Lafayette
Repaired leaking roof around skylight
Testimonial by Arnold S. from West Lafayette, IN
Roof installed on the day they planned and finished in 1 day.
Testimonial by John A. from West Lafayette, IN
I'm very happy with what they did and how they did it. Others were not so good.
Testimonial by Joe B. from West Lafayette, IN

Residential & commercial roof replacement and repair in West Lafayette, IN

Only an experienced roofing contractor can accurately diagnose what’s wrong with your roof and apply the appropriate solutions – look no further than Bone Dry Roofing! We are an established local roofing contractor that makes up one of Bone Dry’s ten offices across the Midwest. We are well known for our dedication to high-quality services, premium materials, and outstanding customer care. Using top-tier solutions from manufacturers like Owens Corning, our technicians are fully trained and certified to help you get your roof back in shape for the seasons.

Have you noticed roof leaks, missing shingles, wood rot, or hail damage? Or do you know something’s not right with your roof, but you’re not sure what the extent of the damage is? Bone Dry Roofing can answer all of these questions with our thorough estimates. We’ll explain which roof repairs you need and how they will impact your home!

Our services in West Lafayette, IN:

  • Roof Repair & Replacement
  • Emergency Roof Repair
  • Roof Leak Repair
  • Ridge Vents & Ventilation
  • Wood Rot Repair
  • Hail & Ice Damage & Roof Snow Removal
  • Roof Inspection
  • Commercial Roofing
  • Gutter Cleaning & Installation
  • Masonry – Chimneys & Brick Work
  • Vinyl Siding Installation
  • Siding Repair

Ready to get started on your roofing project? Schedule a free estimate in West Lafayette today!

Case Studies From West Lafayette
Chimney needed removed in West Lafayette Indiana
Install a sun tunnel when installing new roof in West Lafayette Indiana
Roof needed to be replaced on home in West Lafayette, Indiana.
Job Stories From West Lafayette, IN
Sun Tunnel installed in West Lafayette

This homeowner wanted to have a sun tunnel installed on their roof. They had an area that was low on lighting and liked the idea of nature light filtering in. The sun tunnel was installed looks great!

Sun Tunnel installed in West Lafayette - Photo 1
West Lafayette Roof Repair

Don't let this happen to you. This homeowner in West Lafayette Indiana had a leak near her chimney. She had a company repair the leak a few months back, or so she thought. The area was not repaired correctly and now she has extensive water damage as can be seen by these pictures. She called Bone Dry Roofing and they installed an emergency tarp until they could come out and examine the area more thoroughly. She now feels a bit of relief knowing that her roof is water tight until a proper repair can be done. 

West Lafayette Roof Repair - Photo 1West Lafayette Roof Repair - Photo 2West Lafayette Roof Repair - Photo 3
Insulation Needed West Lafayette

The owners of this home in West Lafayette Indiana called Bone Dry Roofing out to inspect the insulation level in their attic. Bone Dry installed additional insulation in their attic on the main floor a few years back and they homeowners were amazed at the difference in their heating. They chose to wait awhile to do the upper level of the home and decided now was the time. As seen in the picture the level of insulation was very low. Bone Dry raised their insulation level to R-60 for the upper level. The homeowners will be extremely happy with the difference they feel both in the extra warmth of the home and the decrease in their heating bill!

Insulation Needed West Lafayette - Photo 1
Roof Repair West Lafayette

The owner of this home in West Lafayette Indiana had a leak at the base of their chimney. They called Bone Dry Roofing out and the area was inspected. It was discovered that there was not any ice & water shield under the shingles and this had allowed moisture to damage the decking in this area. The old roof in this area was removed and the decking was replaced. Ice & water shield was installed with new shingles.

Roof Repair West Lafayette - Photo 1Roof Repair West Lafayette - Photo 2Roof Repair West Lafayette - Photo 3
Siding problems West Lafayette Indiana

This homeowner was experiencing signs of moisture near their chimney. We discovered a gap at the top of the siding on their chimney and suggested a fix the solve their problem. Even minor issues like what you see here can leave your home at risk of significant property damage. Have an expert visit and inspect like the professionals at Bone Dry!

Siding problems West Lafayette Indiana - Photo 1
Attic Insulation in West Lafayette, Indiana

Bone Dry can also help you with insulation in your attic. As seen in the pictures below, we brought this homeowner's insulation level up to R 38, which will help save him money on heating and cooling. A properly insulated attic will also help extend the life of your HVAC system since it won't have to run as often or for as long!

Attic Insulation in West Lafayette, Indiana - Photo 1Attic Insulation in West Lafayette, Indiana - Photo 2
Ice & water shield on a dormer in West Lafayette, Indiana

This homeowner was having trouble with leaking over his dormer area. Bone Dry removed the shingles and installed ice & water shield in the valleys as seen in the attached picture. This eliminated his leaking problem, and added another happy member to the Bone Dry Family!

Ice & water shield on a dormer in West Lafayette, Indiana - Photo 1
Fascia Repair West Lafayette Indiana

Bone Dry is also happy to help with any fascia repair you might need, as in the picture attached. We helped the attached homeowner with replacing a piece of fascia that the wind had blown off. The fascia perform a crucial duty in protecting your home- have an expert like Bone Dry visit to keep your home in tip-top shape.

Fascia Repair West Lafayette Indiana - Photo 1
Gutter Cleaning in West Lafayette

Bone Dry also is happy to help you with any gutters needs you may have, We cleaned the gutters for this homeowner and they do not have to worry about their gutters overflowing due to debris. Don't put yourself at risk of injury with the dangerous work of cleaning gutters- call the pros at Bone Dry!

Metal Roof in West Lafayette, Indiana

Bone Dry not only can help homeowners with shingled roofs on their home but also metal roofing including barn roofs. As can be seen by the attached picture, this homeowner needed a complete new roof on his barn. We installed a new metal roof on this homeowners barn and he is very happy.

Metal Roof in West Lafayette, Indiana - Photo 1
Work Requests From West Lafayette, IN
Grapevine Blvd in West Lafayette
Roofing and. Soffit repairs
Overlook Drive in West Lafayette
My roof is pretty old-- I noticed today that there is a peeling piece of ceiling paint that may indicate water has leaked into the attic above the ceiling. I'd like to get an estimate for repair and/or replacement.
Grosbeak Lane in West Lafayette
We appear to have a leak on our porch.
E Navajo St in West Lafayette
Gutters flooding and water over running them all around home. In winter ice forming in front of and behind gutters.
DePauw Ct. in West Lafayette
Roof has problematic spots that appear to have shingles coming loose.
Montgomery Street in West Lafayette
We are a veterinary clinic operating out of West Lafayette and are in need of cleaning services for our gutters. I am the manager of the boarding facility and it has been at least a few years since the gutters on our entire facility have been routinely cleaned. We had some issues with proper drainage over the winter due to this and are looking to get things cleared out. We look forward to hearing back from you. Thank you. - Dan
Division Rd in West Lafayette
I want gutters & downspouts installed on my 60x24 metal roof detached garage.
Demmings Court in West Lafayette
Replace with 6 inch gutters and downspouts plus facia on existing home Small area of siding replacement also As soon as available and not insurance
Nottingham Place in West Lafayette
We would like an estimate for chimney repairs. We know that there is some missing mortar between tiles in the chimney and also have a cracked/damaged crown on the outside up top.
in West Lafayette
Need gutters
in West Lafayette
These are rental properties that the owner is looking to replace the roofs.
Longspur Dr. in West Lafayette
There's a stain on my living room ceiling, thinking it could be some flashing in need of repair. Also, the gutter in my front entryway leaks and doesn't drain properly.
Division Road in West Lafayette
Need roof replaced. Have flat roof areas and steep pitched area. Will need financing.
Cumberland Ave in West Lafayette
Hello! We have had some spots on the ceiling of our master bedroom, that we can tell are water damage due to a leak. Our roof was put on by the previous owner just before we moved in (April of 2013), so it's fairly new. The leak is very near the chimney, and so we've had chimney repair people try a few fixes before... but after the rain several weeks ago, it's obvious there is still a problem. Appreciate an estimate on what it would take to get it repaired! Thanks so much.
Happy Hollow Road in West Lafayette
Flat roof needs repair.
Princess Drive in West Lafayette
I need my chimney inspected/repaired and a chimney cap installed.
N Salisbury St in West Lafayette
I have a slight leak in my roof over my garage on my house. I may need a whole new roof and would like an estimate for repair or replacement of entire roof.
Secretariat Circle in West Lafayette
My dog ripped the downspout gutter from my 2 story home. Due to the height I am unable to fix it because I don't have the proper ladder. I would like the downspout to be replaced. In addition I wanted to route the water from this spout to another side of the home. I have a fence but placing a flexible spout at the end of the existing spout is always damaged by the dog. Due to this problem, once or twice a year during heavy downpours the water spills into the basement. While I was able to hook the downspout back together, I am pretty sure it's not stable. It will take storm to see how this holds up. This project is not the highest priority at the moment but it something I would consider getting done based on the estimate.
Abnaki Dr in West Lafayette
I would like to replace my roof. I am interested in an estimate and financing the amount over a 12 month period.
N Salisbury St in West Lafayette
Looking for roof replacement estimate. Do you do gutters?

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